About Bridges

This series started in Montreal with the Jacques-Cartier bridge in 2013. Photographed, transformed, carved and etched on steel by hand with acids, these reconstructions of architectural works from around the world also refer to the theme of place and belonging. They represent an important part of our urban landscape and often become landmarks. There is a search for beauty in every step of James Kennedy’s process. The choice of steel with unique patterns, the photography, the composition, the perspective and the openings are all combined to give the viewer an new experience of those recognizable structures.

In Bridges, the cutouts offer more than just a new perspective or 3d effect or play of light and shadows. They add a certain mystery to the piece and can draw you in. Inviting the viewer to explore and discover… the union or reunion, the possibilities, a certain passage, a gateway… It could represent a stage of life or the final leap or a even connection to the above… the bridge.